Welcome to the Boys & Girls Club of Gatesville
Club Hours

Monday - Friday
10 am - 5:30 pm
Early Bird $5/day or $50/month
7:30 am - 10:00 am

Positive attitudes keep the Club FUN. Below are some of the guidelines members are expected to follow:

Respect yourself.
Play fair and be honest.
Applaud the efforts of others.
Avoid inappropriate language.
Dress appropriately at all times.
Running is reserved for athletics.
Say only good things about others.
Bring your membership card everyday.
Be respectful of Boys & Girls Club staff.
Resolve disagreements in a positive way.
Listen during appropriate times and assemblies.
Be respectful of other members and their property.
Tobacco, drugs, alcohol and weapons are prohibited.


We are open to all youth ages 6 (and in the first grade) to 18. A membership form must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian each calendar year, even if you are simply renewing your membership. Our membership fee is $20 per calendar year.  Active Military is FREE.
Transportation from schools is provided from the school to the Club for FREE. (Any donations would be appreciated) 

This Month's Needs:

  • Scissors and Glue
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Cleaning Supplies
This Month's Wants:
  • Gently used balls
  • Storage Containers
  • Playstation 4 games for teen room


With the goal of instilling every Club member with a sense of self worth, the Boys & Girls Club of Gatesville offers a range of programs and services that help members reach their full potential and become productive, responsible, and caring citizens. Through these fun and engaging programs, Boys & Girls Club of Gatesville offers something for every young person.

Boys & Girls Club of Gatesville offers a safe and positive place for kids to enjoy fun and engaging programs at an affordable price.
Core Club Programs
  • Character & Leadership Development
    • Community Service Projects
    • Leaders in Training
    • Youth of the Year
    • Leadership Clubs
    • Keystone Club (ages 14-18)
    • Torch Club (ages 11-13)
    • Peanut Patrol (ages 6-10)
    • Chess Club
  • Education & Career Development
    • Homework Assistance
    • Computer Labs & Technology Curriculum
    • Tutoring
    • College & Career Preparation
  • Health & Life Skills
    • Drug/Alcohol Prevention
    • Basic Safety Skills
    • Straight Talk for Teens
    • Girls Clubs
    • Nutrition & Health
    • Triple Play Programs
  • Arts
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Music
    • Photography
    • Field Trips to Museums
  • Sports, Fitness & Recreation
    • Game Rooms
    • Presidential Fitness Challenge
    • Outdoor Environmental Experiences

Gatesville Garden Club
Coryell County Extension
Coryell County Museum
Gatesville Public Library
City of Gatesville
Farm Bureau Insurance
Beall's Dept. Store

How Can I Help?
V- aluable is the work you do.
O-utstanding is how you always come through.
L-oyal, sincere and full of good cheer,
U-niting in your efforts throughout the year.
N-otable are the contributions you make.
T-rustworthy in every project you take.
E-ager to reach your every goal.
E-ffective in the way your fullfill your role.
R-eady with a smile like a shining star,
S-pecial and wonderful- that's what you are.
Become A Volunteer
Have a particular skill? Why not share it with a youngster?

Make A Donation
Last years contributions enables us to increase overall scholorships, sponsor athletes and performers through our sports leagues and performing arts programs, provide teacher trainings and workshops, and overall continue to provide the effective low-cost programs that help change young lives for the better.

Participate In An Event
Our fundraising events enable us to keep membership fees low (only $20.00 per year) and increase scholorships for our most "at-risk" club members. Enjoy dinner and entertainment at our annual Christmas Gala.

Community Partners
At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Gatesville we value and appreciate our community and corporate sponsors. From sponsoring fundraising events to donating supplies, our partners play an integral role in our organization's success. To access a volunteer application, CLICK HERE

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